A closer look at of some of my personal and privately commissioned projects

My collection of projects: old and new

I am grateful for having had numerous opportunities to create original art work that can be explored and interacted with. I have been able to work alongside prominent organisations and various communities to deliver a message through the vessel of art.

More than a masterpiece, these projects are milestones in my practise, some little, some large, some old, some recent.

Below are a few examples of these projects...

Raging Bull: Lamborghini's 60th Anniversary

Celebrating 60 years of Lamborghini
How I turned a Urus exhaust into a piece of art that...

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Addressing ethnic participation biases in human genomics - 2023

"Vishal conveyed the idea into a DNA-inspired double helix made by humans supporting each other; both cultural and genomic information transcend time being carried over from ancestors to future generations. The bespoke skin layer was developed to represent our participants’ individualities: country flags, symbols, fabrics and patterns recalling their heritage."

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Nightfall festival

My installation at Nightfall festival is on right now in Middlesborough.
I will upload photos soon...

Stay Tuned!

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Hands of Freedom

Hands of Freedom is a city-wide temporary art exhibition created by award winning artist Vishal Joshi. The project has collected over 1000 'hand portraits' from communities and residents across Leicestershire, and Joshi has used these to create and inspire new artworks and installations.

Hands and hand-gestures are used across all cultures to express emotions and feelings; sometimes confusion and anger, at other times friendship and hope.

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Paper Planes

A temporary artwork in Coronation Park by Vishal Joshi on 1st & 2nd May 2021

The Paper Planes project was a chance to explore the thoughts, feelings, people, and places that make us hopeful.

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We Reflect

By living, working, playing, or simply existing in Europe, you are a European. You become the place and the place becomes you.
Altonale STAMP Festival - Hamburg, 2021

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Suspension 2021

This piece was the materialisation of a healing experience. In the midst of the pandemic I was suffering with some developing health problems and that lead me to an emotionally and mentally low place. Amidst all this I had lost a couple friendships due to misunderstandings and my work had all come to a standstill with the pandemic. Exhibitions and fairs were being cancelled and I was not producing anything new as I was caring for my chidren full time.

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Essence of Human Form

Gateway 6th form College - Foundation: Final major project.
The aim was to explore the essence of an individuals identity -
How much can one adjust a person's features through both self expression and through artistic stylised reproduction before they stop 'being themself'? What makes it work and what doesn't?
This was unintentionally, a collaboration between me and the subject (a fellow comrade from my college.)
3 large portraits. 1m20 x 1m80
31 A4 portrait paintings, various mediums in a supporting sketch book.
150 headshots for initial photographic research. 5 of each friend.

Lots to upload..
When i get a chance I will write this one up fully...

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My next big thing

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Something else

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Education & Experience


2006 – 2009 – B.A Fina Art Painting Wimbledon School of Art, London

2008 – 2009 – Foundation Diploma Art and Graphics, Gateway 6th Form College, Leicester

2005 – 2008 – A Level in Art and Design, Gateway 6th Form College, Leicester


Nov 2023 – Nightfall Festival – Light installation – Middlesborough, England

Nov 2023 – EDM Wali Diwali Gadi – Diwali Rickshaw: Inspirate – Belgrave, Leicester, England

Sep 2023 – Lamborghini 60th Anniversary Commission by Lamborghini  – Leicester, England

August 2023 – NHS LLR Mural commission/ Collaboration with poet Serenah Cole – In a better Nation, Leicestershire and Rutland, England

June 2023 – Participation bias in human Genomics – Fellowship unveiling of 3d double helix sculpture (VR, AR, Video) Commissioed by The Wellcome Trust

August 2022 – Gavaskar Ground – Sunil Gavaskar unveiled Mural at Bharat Sports centre, Leicester

May 2022 – Jubilee Crown window mural – Anokhi House of Sarees, Leicester, England

March 2022 – Window display of Hands sculpture draped in sprees and Paper Plane sculpture amongst hanging paper aeroplanes – Anokhi House of Sarees, Leicester, England

Nov 2021 – Roy’s Art Fair – Oxo Bargehouse, London, England

September 2021 – We Reflect – Stamp Festival, Hamburg, Germany

September 2021 – Hands of Freedom Sculpture No1 – Centenary celebrations with Attenborough Arts Centre, Wall mounted, Attenborough Building, University of Leicester campus. – Leicester, England

August 2021 – Summer Open Exhibition, Sock Gallery, Loughborough, England

August 2021 – Liberty UK, Art in unusual places Toilet Art Exhibition  – Hands of Freedom mural at Leicester Museum and Gallery (previously known as New Walk Gallery) – Leicester, England

May 2021 – Paper Planes (Outdoor installation of sculpture) – Made with Many – Coronation park, Corby, England

May – Nov 2021 – Hands of Freedom 2 – Centenary celebrations with Attenborough Arts Centre, displayed upon plinth at Leicester Cathedral – Leicester, England

Jan 2020 – Solo Pop Up Recent Works Exhibition at Marvellous Art Gallery, Belvoir Street – Leicester, England

Nov 2019 – Leicester Society of Artists Annual Exhibition, New Walk Gallery, Leicester, England

July 2019 – The Leicester City Open 100, DIY Gallery, Town hall Square – Leicester, England

Jan 2019 – Art displayed at Sherwin Hall Interior Design Showroom, Oadby – Leicester, England

Nov 2018 – Leicester Society of Artists Annual Exhibition, New Walk Gallery – Leicester, England

Nov 2018 – Chester Art Fair, Chester, England

Oct 2018 – Leicester Open Variant Exhibition, Curve Theatre – Leicester, England

Winner of the L.O.V.E Art Prize by the hosts at Curve Theatre.

Oct 2018 – Leicester Sketch Club Anual Exhibition, The Old Library Gallery, Leicester

June 2018 – Open 2017, Cank Street Gallery, Leicester, England

Nov 2017 – Winter Open Exhibition, Sock Gallery, Loughborough, England

Oct 2017 – Leicester Sketch Club Anual Exhibition, The Old Library Gallery, Leicester, England

Winner of the LSA Artist Prize

Winner of the Viewers Choice Award

July 2017 – Open 28, The Old Library Gallery, Leicester, England

June 2017 – Open 2017, Cank Street Gallery, Leicester, England

Sep 2016 – Group show, Two One Two, Brick Lane, London, England

Jun 2016 – Group Show, 504 Gallery, Roman Road, London, England

I am a board member of the Attenborough Arts Centre

I am a member and board member of the Leicester Society of Artists.