A brief overview of some of my works.

A collection of my work from the past decade

From film and television icons to personal messages with deep meaning. Here are some personal favourites from my portfolio.

Hands of Freedom

Hands of Freedom is a city-wide temporary art exhibition created by award winning artist Vishal Joshi. The project has collected over 1000 'hand portraits' from communities and residents across Leicestershire, and Joshi has used these to create and inspire new artworks and installations.

Hands and hand-gestures are used across all cultures to express emotions and feelings; sometimes confusion and anger, at other times friendship and hope.

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Resilience 2018

The fist is clenched, frustration is felt whilst the anxiety of not acting is overwhelming. All the while it (the painting) could/should be flipped over. Fight or flight?

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Broken Dolls - Monroe

A broken ‘doll’ Oil on canvas 2017

Most consider Monroe to be one of the most beautiful women that ever walked Earth. She was a glowing icon and her presence radiated with happiness and beauty. Her sultry seductive features were recognised internationally yet the life she hid from the world and silver screen showed more darkness than we could bear.

As a subject of unthinkable abuse in her childhood and teens, Monroe had pieces torn from her character. Although you cannot see the pain, it was there, hidden and hidden beautifully well. Only when the layers of her personality are stripped away would it show.

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Icons of Revolt: Che Guevara

Argentine Marxist revolutionary, physician, author, guerrilla leader, diplomat and military theorist.
A terrorist or a freedom fighter?

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Icons of Revolt: Mahātmā Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Satyagraha (Sanskrit: सत्याग्रह satyāgraha) is the idea of nonviolent resistance (fighting with peace) started by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He used satyagraha in the Indian independence movement and also during his earlier struggle in South Africa.

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Bollywood: Amitabh Bachchan - Don

An iconic individual himself, Amitabh resonates a feeling of struggle and success in this epic. A well groomed playboy, a gangster with principles.

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Bollywood: Yeh Dosti

A painting 'still' from a song about the unique bond of friendship; from the epic movie Sholay.

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Education & Experience


2006 – 2009 – B.A Fina Art Painting Wimbledon School of Art, London

2008 – 2009 – Foundation Diploma Art and Graphics, Gateway 6th Form College, Leicester

2005 – 2008 – A Level in Art and Design, Gateway 6th Form College, Leicester


Jan 2020 – Solo Pop Up Recent Works Exhibition at Marvellous Art Gallery, Belvoir Street, Leicester

Nov 2019 – Leicester Society of Artists Annual Exhibition, New Walk Gallery, Leicester

July 2019 – The Leicester City Open 100, DIY Gallery, Town hall Square

Jan 2019 – Art displayed at Sherwin Hall Interior Design Showroom, Oadby, Leicester

Nov 2018 – Leicester Society of Artists Annual Exhibition, New Walk Gallery, Leicester

Nov 2018 – Chester Art Fair, Chester

Oct 2018 – Leicester Open Variant Exhibition, Curve Theatre

Winner of the L.O.V.E Art Prize by the hosts at Curve Theatre.

Oct 2018 – Leicester Sketch Club Anual Exhibition, The Old Library Gallery, Leicester

June 2018 – Open 2017, Cank Street Gallery, Leicester

Nov 2017 – Winter Open Exhibition, Sock Gallery, Loughborough

Oct 2017 – Leicester Sketch Club Anual Exhibition, The Old Library Gallery, Leicester

Winner of the LSA Artist Prize

Winner of the Viewers Choice Award

July 2017 – Open 28, The Old Library Gallery, Leicester

June 2017 – Open 2017, Cank Street Gallery, Leicester

Sep 2016 – Group show, Two One Two, Brick Lane, London

Jun 2016 – Group Show, 504 Gallery, Roman Road, London

I am a member of the following societies

Leicester Society of ArtistsLeicester Sketch Club and of 2 Queens.