Lamborghini Anniversary

Celebrating 60 Years of Automobili Lamborghini
The 2024 collection

The artworks was on display at the Lamborghini Showroom in Syston, Leicester.


It is now held by the Lamborghini Museum collection at the Lamborghini Museum in Bologna, Italy.


La Sinfonia del Toro

I was commissioned by Lamborghini Leicester in honour of the 60th anniversary of Automobili Lamborghini.

This recent commission is something surreal. I was invited to the Leicester showroom to discuss this amazing project. I was inspired by the way the car is built; the design of the chassis, the panel gaps especially and the way they contoured the form of the car along with these angular shapes, the textures inside and outside the car. The sound of the engine and the application of it. Everything had to be considered in order to make this car the spectacle that it is.

"Brave, unexpected, authentic. These are our core values. It all started in 1963, when Ferruccio Lamborghini had the bravery to challenge everything and everyone by founding Lamborghini."
Symbolised by a raging bull on a shield.

I made a large painting, roughly the same size as the final piece would be. This version is in hues of blue. Blue is a wonderful colour as the darkest hues can easily mimic black and lightest almost glow white.
My aim is to break the 'flatness' of the 2-tone original version with more of a tonal range, whilst giving the sense of movement to the bull through the marks I make. My expressive style relies on me understanding how to glide and smear the paint to create surface qualities that will give power and weight to the form of the beast.

The Raging Bull -
The second version came together with the exploration of the first and the inspiration of it's name: Raging Bull.
What colour is more raging than RED? This piece I was more considerate of the amount of brushstrokes and areas but what guided me was the focus in his eyes, the powerful momentum in its body.

This is only halfway!
I found a way to create each of the 60 pieces using this painting.
I received an exhaust pipe and all 4 tips from a Urus!
I am yet to install the 60 pieces of exhaust on to the backboard for the masterpiece. I have a couple different prototypes to test out the lighting and framing with.


So I used this painting to create a unique design. I cut each piece of the design out and then placed each piece on the part of the exhaust that would best demonstrate the area of anatomy that I was working with. Then I proceeded to cut them out. This took some time and a great deal of focus...

Cutting each piece was a challenging and arduous job. However, i stuck at it. Piece by piece it began to come together...

I had this 'map' laid out on the ground. It was a drawing of the design and each time I cut a piece from the exhaust, I drew an outline in black marker then laid the piece on top. This way i could track which ones I had done. The systems I used, I made up along the way. This whole process was about facing problems and overcoming them. That is the essence of creativity.

Cutting each piece was a challenging and arduous job. However, i stuck at it. Piece by piece it began to come together...