Concept Series 60

Concept series 60

4 unique designs of the Raging Bull divided into 60 segments. Laser cut, framed, illuminated, hand finished… each one is be completely unique.

At 60cm square, these are medium sized versions of masterpiece. These artworks enabled me to understand the various components that went in to the final  piece. 

4 available. £2000 each

  • Sinfonia del Toro: Concept Art

Sinfonia del Toro: Concept Art 60 Sinfonia del Toro: Concept Art 60

Raging Bull Anniversario Painting

Raging blues SOLD
Raging bull SOLD
Lamborghini design - vishal joshi Raging Bull

I am working on a few more 1m square oil paintings for an upcoming exhibition, so stay tuned and get in touch if you would like to commission one for yourself.