Portrait of Kava J


This painting was done as part of an ongoing theme that I run called the ‘selfie project’ where I lead a call out from my instagram account asking followers and friends for selfies. This is Kava J, she is an Indian Architect residing in Barcelona.

I drew the initial drawing out with burnt umber and blue and as I was working on glass it was literally impossible to see all the  marks from the reflections until they were thick enough so i mixed linseed oil and sansador to pots of oil, dark, medium and light and then quickly pasted on the block of colour..I had to use the back of the brush or even a clean brush to remove and flatten areas then i let it dry flat on its back to avoid anymore dripping. To sharpen the edges i scraped away some paint to create more definition and edge quality.

My series of figurative paintings on glass is a concept where I am exploring identity as a construct represented in Jungian psychoanalysis. The shadow creates a drawing on the wall that the painting rests on and that creates its own, changing art. Symbolically, looking through the portrait and seeing a glimpse of them (their shadow) is how we often get only a glimpse of somebody’s ‘true self’ through ‘cracks’ or ‘gaps’ in their mask – The mask idea was something I was working on at earlier stage in my practise ..when looking at identity as a whole and reading Oscar Wilde. This is an almagamation of 3 projects .

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This painting is done on toughened glass that has been built into a custom framed housing with a thin sheet of glass on the front to protect the painting and create a beautiful surface quality also.

The transparency of the surface gives it a new life and a new look depending on where it is placed.

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